Period I : July 17 - July 28, 2020
7/17 Arrival at Halle
7/18 - 7/27 Academic Schedule Participation
7/28 Departure from Halle, going back home

Period II : July 28 - August 8, 2020
7/28 Arrival at Halle
7/29 - 8/7 Academic Schedule Participation
8/8 Departure from Halle, going back home

Period III : August 8 - August 19, 2020
8/8 Arrival at Halle 
8/9 - 8/18 Academic Schedule Participation
8/19 Departure from Halle, going back home

[PARTICIPATION FEE]                                                                  
EUR 2,380 (per period)

Individual lessons
: A participant receives 4 individual lessons. - 60 minutes per once 
: A participant can receive all 4 lessons by one professor.
: Or a participant can choose two professors to receive the lessons (2/2 lessons). 

Chamber music
: A participant will be matched to make chamber music in duo, trios and quartets. 
: Each team will be matched, by being considered a participant's age, or music-making level, etc..
: Each team will receive 4 lessons. 60 minutes per once 

Concert Chances
: Each participant and each chamber music team will be provided to perform at least once.
: Distinguished participants might have chances to be invited to perform at future concerts that the 
  organizer plans. 

: Shared room will be arranged, basically.
: If a participant wants to use a room alone, please ask Euro Arts when sending the application materials.
  With paying some extra charges, a single-use room can be arranged.

: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner provided on weekday
: Breakfast only provided on Saturday and Sunday

Airport Pick-Up / Sending off
: The nearest international airport is International Leipzig/Halle Airport. 
  Pick-Up / Sending off services are provided only from/to the International Leipzig/Halle Airport. 
: This service shall be provided in case of the minimum group arrival. 
: Further information will be given later.

Masterclass and Lecture
: may be presented as special program. 
: Further information will be given later.

[PARTICIPATION FEE]                                                                  
EUR 1,030 (per period)

Piano, String, Wind, Voice

[APPLICATION DEADLINE]                                                      
April 30, 2020

[HOW TO APPLY]                                                                       
1. Get the application Form downloaded (Click HERE), fill it out and send it back with one artistic photo, CV (in English or in German) and, if any, DVD* (Youtube link acceptable), via email : emfapply@gmail.com 

* If an applicant would send a playing video, the applicant would have more chances to be considered for playing possibility at IMS concert series. 

2. The Participation Fee EUR 2,280 shall be paid via bank transfer :

  • Bank : Shinhan Bank, Gangnam Chungang Branch
  • Account No. : 180-001-565294
  • Account Holder : Young Jun Lim - Euro Arts 
  • Bank Code/Swift Code : shbkkrse
  • Bank Address : 1F Sungji Heights II, Teheran-ro 147, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06132 Korea
  • Please note that the bank transfer must be paid by the sender, also make sure to write down "the participants' name". 

[REFUND POLICY]                                                                  
: EUR 1640 will be refunded if cancelling prior to May 10, 2020.
EUR 1400 will be refunded if cancelling prior to May 31, 2020.
: No refund if cancelling after June 1, 2020.